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 Sep 27, 2018  Cathy Becker DoTERRA Natural Oils  Health - Wellness
   This week was better health week. Cathy started out by focusing on headaches. She outlined some of the different types of headaches and the different blends of oils she has to help. She also talked about Deep Blue and other muscle ache remedies. Cathy has made up different blends of oils specially designed for a particular person or aliment.

posted by: Gary Baldasarre
 Sep 20, 2018  Rick Knowles Legal Shield  Legal - Legal Services
   This week we heard from Rick Knowles of Premier Solutions Int'l. When I think of Rick I think of identity theft. Well Rick has so much more to offer. He does handle identity theft but in addition offers small businesses a huge array of business services. From legal advise to building your business advice. Many people have the skills to complete a task but not the skills to run a business. If you have any questions about how to be better at running your business Rick is the guy to talk to.

posted by: Gary Baldasarre
 Sep 14, 2018  Mark Weinberger Blazing Couriers  Transportation - Courier
   This week we heard from Mark Weinberger of Blazing Couriers. Mark took us on a side trip this week. He talked about his wife's business which he is a part of. Paint Party Night, color your life fun! Mark's wife, Heather, runs this venture. If you are looking for a fun way to spend some time out look into a paint party. Heather runs private parties, birthdays, bachelorette parties and more. You can contact Heather at 702-596-7306.

posted by: Gary Baldasarre
 Aug 24, 2018  Sherri Simhayoff Wardley Real Estate  Realtor
   This week was real estate week. Our presenter was Sherri Simhayoff of Wardley Real Estate. The morning took a different direction. Sherri had car problems. She could have just called off and said she was unable to attend due to her car not starting. But Sherri, once again, proved her outstanding character. She found alternate transportation and was still able to attend and present. That's the type of dedication she puts forth in her business. That's the extra effort she extends to each client.

posted by: Gary Baldasarre
 Aug 16, 2018  Dale Brown Las Vegas Brake & Wheel Alignment  Auto - Repair
   This week we heard from Dale Brown of Las Vegas Wheel and Brake. Dale took a different direction this morning. We got to hear more about who Dale is. Dale was in the Air Force, actually twice, Thanks Dale for your service. We learned Dale has a couple of kids and a handful of grandkids as well. Dale and Linda have been married for over 40 years now. Except for a few years working at NASA, Dale has spent his entire life in the auto collision, auto repair industry. Opening auto body shops for dealerships and running his own shops. Now that's passion for your field of work. Plus Dale added a little something to his presentation. He raffled off a free oil change. I guessed the number closest to the number Dale had written down. - THANKS DALE !!!

posted by: Gary Baldasarre
 Aug 09, 2018  TJ Cantwell IRS - Insurance Restoration Services  Restoration/Remediation
   This week our presenter was TJ Cantwell of Insurance Restoration Services. Mold, Flood and Bio Hazard Clean up. That's the way TJ opened his presentation. The issue is not IF you will have a water or mold issue. IT'S When you have that water or mold issue, who do you call? (Yea I know the joke) But water and mold issues are no joke. You need a company with a stellar reputation. TJ has worked for another water and mold company. He was amazed at how different the IRS treats their customers. When you have that water, mold or Bio Hazard issue TJ is the man to call.

posted by: Gary Baldasarre
 Aug 04, 2018  Janis Ferraro  
   This week we had an education on payroll. There are so many things the typical business owner has to deal with. Payroll really shouldn't be one of them. Having a professional handling payroll can free up your time to work your business, the effort that brings in the income. Payroll can be complicated and has many pitfalls. Having Jan and Payroll Solutions handling your payroll is a good business decision. Doing payroll the right way will save you money in the long run. Ask Jan for details. - Hey Jan, Thanks for the Payday!

posted by: Gary Baldasarre
 Jul 27, 2018  Patrick Becker Allstate Insurance  Insurance - P&C
   This week our speaker was Patrick Becker of Allstate Ins. This time Patrick invited a colleague, Jessie, to assist in the presentation. We learned that Allstate also offers employee benefits. Things like short term disability and cancer insurance. Jessie is really very well educated about the products Patrick and Allstate have to offer. Jessie said they were able to work things out so if you are self employed you can still qualify for many of the products offered. Connect with Patrick for more details.

posted by: Gary Baldasarre
 Jul 11, 2018  Cathy Becker DoTERRA Natural Oils  Health - Wellness
   This week we heard from Cathy Becker of doTERRA oils. It is always interesting to hear about the presenter or their products. But this week Cathy talked more about the company. It is really exciting to hear about a company that actually cares about people and the environment. From the information Cathy shared this week doTERRA is one of those rare companies. They have sent aid to areas hit by earthquakes and found ways to help the locals with supplies that most people take for granted. Nicely done Cathy.

posted by: Gary Baldasarre
 Jun 14, 2018  Mark Weinberger Blazing Couriers  Transportation - Courier
   We had an interesting presentation and then a question and answer session with Mark Weinberger of Blazing Couriers. Mark delivers 'stuff' all over the valley for a wide variety of people including printers, attorneys, realtors and printing supplies. Mark also has a schedule to make runs to Pahrump and Mesquite. Mark offers same day delivery locally. Mark also offers a mobile Notary service. Texting or using the web site are the best ways to schedule an appointment. The phone is not a really great option because Mark is on the road for 150 to 200 miles a day.

posted by: Gary Baldasarre
 May 24, 2018  Tom Welsh USA Jewelry  Jewelry - Repair
   Interesting presentation this past Tuesday. We heard from Tom Welsh. Tom is one of the hardest working, kindest folks you will ever meet. He is in the middle of opening his own new business, USA Jewelry. Tom will be focusing on Jewelry and Watch repairs. Need that battery for your watch replaced or that old ring that needs some work? Tom is your Go To Guy! Tom is also working with Dale Brown of Las Vegas Wheel and Brake. Dale handles any of your auto repair needs. Belts and Hoses, have them checked before the summer heat leaves you stranded. Plus, Tom is working with Cartridge World. Any printer needs, talk to Tom. He can pick up that ink cartridge or toner cartridge and have it for you by the next meeting. Now that is versatility at it's best!

posted by: Gary Baldasarre
 May 17, 2018  Nicole Gibbs  
   This week was a new and interesting presentation by Nicole Gibbs of Construction MD. Nicole is new to Construction MD and to our group. She has lived in Florida, Texas and Las Vegas just to name a few places. She has recently started working at Construction MD as their office manager and has helped the company work through some of their growing pains. If you have any ideas or questions about a home improvement project, Nicole can connect you with the people who can get you answers.

posted by: Gary Baldasarre
 May 10, 2018  Rick Knowles Legal Shield  Legal - Legal Services
   Last Tuesday we heard from Rick Knowles of Legal Shield. "Worry Less. Live More" Rick's business card says it all. Rick has a complete line of protection tools for any size business. The nice part is you can pick the protection components you need and always add on things as your needs change. Not only does Rick/Legal Shield protect you day to day they also offer a wide range of client "Perks". Use your computer or the app on a smart phone. Contact Rick for the details!

posted by: Gary Baldasarre
 May 10, 2018  TJ Cantwell IRS - Insurance Restoration Services  Restoration/Remediation
   We had a really interesting presentation by the IRS. More accurately, by TJ Cantwell of Insurance Restoration Services. TJ is new to this company. Along with his new employer being kind and generous, his new employer also has an entirely different business model. Putting the customer first is a rare quality these days and TJ assures us that great service and taking care of customers are some of the most important things to this IRS. All of the technicians are certified through IICRC (The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification). If you have issues with water, fire damage or mold be sure to call TJ and the IRS first.

posted by: Gary Baldasarre
 Apr 29, 2018  Janis Ferraro  
   We had an educational presentation from Jan Ferraro of Payroll Solutions. Laws that govern pay, minimum wage and taxes are overwhelming for the average business owner. Using Jan's Payroll services can save you time, money and keep you right with the tax man. Jan is such an assist to the business community that her husband can find her work by talking to the neighbors over the fence. Now that's the type of person you want supporting you and your company.

posted by: Gary Baldasarre
 Apr 25, 2018  Patrick Becker Allstate Insurance  Insurance - P&C
   Patrick owns his office so he is not one of those folks that will be moving onto a different agency. He is here to help with all your insurance needs. This time Patrick focused on car insurance. He explained there are many factors that affect the cost of your car insurance. Some we have control over, others we do not. You can't do anything about your age, But you can do something about your credit score. You might be surprised to find that insurance on a smaller less expensive car might not be that much different than a larger vehicle. How can that be, you ask. Well talk to Patrick and he can explain that to you.

posted by: Gary Baldasarre
 Apr 06, 2018  Henry Pazos  
   This week we had a new and interesting presentation from our Newest Member Henry Pazos - Welcome Henry! Henry was telling us all about Allied Electric Sign and Awning. Henry had some really impressive hand outs. Allied Electric Sign has it roots in Utah but is rapidly growing here in the LV area. People need to be able to find you. Signage is a very important part of growing a business. An easy way to help Henry is to keep your eyes open as you drive around town. If you see a sign that looks worn out or just BAD, take a picture and send it over to Henry. He'll run with it from there.

posted by: Gary Baldasarre
 Feb 09, 2018  Sherri Simhayoff Wardley Real Estate  Realtor
   A Big Thank You to Sherri for an Outstanding business mixer Thursday night Feb 08.

posted by: Gary Baldasarre
 Feb 09, 2018  Michael North RAMWrite Consulting  Software Development
   Mike has been maintaining our web site for years. His dedication to his profession is amazing!

posted by: Gary Baldasarre
 Feb 05, 2018  Dale Brown Las Vegas Brake & Wheel Alignment  Auto - Repair
   Dale Brown's place is where you should go if you want your car taken care of for a reasonable price. I had a nail in my tire and knew it was about time for an oil change. I said do I need anything else? They said I was good to go. They don't add on things you don't need. It is especially important to be able to trust your mechanic!

posted by: Janis Ferraro
 Jan 31, 2018  Patrick Becker Allstate Insurance  Insurance - P&C
   Patrick has been my agent for my business insurance for many years. He is always there to answer my insurance questions.

posted by: Gary Baldasarre
 Jan 31, 2018  Cathy Becker DoTERRA Natural Oils  Health - Wellness
   Thanks to Cathy for making up the special blend of oil I need for my leg cramps.

posted by: Gary Baldasarre
 Jan 23, 2018  Gary Baldasarre GB Computer Services  Computer Repair
   I have known Gary since 2010 and have used his services plus referred him to my clients many times. He is very knowledgeable and excellent with computer repair.

posted by: Michael North